About Us

At Target Marketing, we attack every project with passion. In most cases, we are more critical of our work than our clients. From media planning through creative, placement and analytics, we are meticulous because we want to make every marketing dollar spent as effective as possible.

The agency was founded in 1990, back when we pasted up newspaper ads with hot wax, and audio was recorded on tape and edited with an X-acto knife. It seems archaic now, but times were much simpler then. Today’s consumer is constantly on the move. Not only do they not look for ads, they try to actively avoid them. Target Marketing strives to make every message memorable by making it entertaining, informative or both. We have a display cabinet full of advertising awards, but our most prized accolades come from our clients.

We have a strong creative team but we are equally strong in technology. To make your message stand out, creative and technology must work as one. Target Marketing is the only local full service agency with all media in-house. We plan, buy, research, and produce everything in our office which allows us flexibility in scheduling, creating and fine-tuning the final product.